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Welcome to the Centre of Applied Research and Development (CARD)

about CARD

Our Mission: To turn research into prosperity, one breakthrough at a time.

Our Vision: Empowering companies and society for a dynamic future.

At CARD, we’re not just innovators; we’re transformers. Our journey is about redefining what’s possible. From foundational research to visionary consultancy, we thrive on delivering solutions that reshape industries and change lives.

Our Services

Discover the power of our comprehensive services. We specialize in:

Artificial Intelligence

Transforming data into insights.

Language Technology

Bridging communication gaps.

Computer Linguistics

Uncovering linguistic patterns.


Data-driven decision-making.


Maximizing efficiency.

Software Development

Crafting solutions for tomorrow.

Our Impact

Our projects are not just solutions – they’re milestones. Explore a selection of our impactful ventures:

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We employ a wide array of tools and technologies, including:

Our Ecosystem

CARD is more than a single entity. It’s an ecosystem of innovation. Our family of companies under the umbrella includes:
MB Krilas
Pioneers in data analytics and language technologies, the main company.
UAB Tokenmill
Leaders in language technologies and language generation.
MB Lingo data
Experts in computer linguistics and language technologies.
MB Abstract music
Innovators in music recommendations.
MB Tinklainė
Trailblazers in ISP network analysis using AI.
MB Virtualitor
Visionaries in the generation of (virtual) images and videos.

Meet Our Innovators

Success is driven by our exceptional team. With over 20 professionals, including professors, Ph.D., M.Sc., and B.Sc. experts in Artificial Intelligence, Language Technology, Computer Linguistics, Statistics, Optimization, and Software Development, we’re ready to shape the future with you.
Ready to innovate with CARD? Connect with us today, and let's embark on a transformative journey together.
Innovating for Impact

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